Regular, Pervious, and Porous Concrete Maintenance Services

Pervious concrete maintenance and porous surface services for commercial and industrial properties.

Protect your financial investment in your property and eco-friendly sustainability to the community with annual pervious preservation.

Regularly performing power blowing, vacuum sweeping, and cyclonic hydro-cleaning™ are the best ways to keep pervious or porous concrete functioning properly! In addition, annually, vacuuming the surface with a vacuum sweeper can help induce dirt and debris to fall to the porous surface.

If the permeability of the pervious concrete routine cleanings is neglected, pervious concrete will not function properly, causing stormwater runoff.  Annual maintenance helps remove debris grains from the top surface and restore 80% to 90% of the permeability.

commercial concrete cleaning service

Commercial concrete cleaning service in the Baltimore-Washington DC metro area

Z Con’s Cyclomatic surface cleaning machine is engineered to deep clean both indoor and outdoor regular and porous surface concrete surfaces more efficiently and more environmentally friendly than other methods. A multi-patented cleaning and recovery head aggressively cleans and removes buildup with no damage to the surface.

  • Giant Pump / 3,600 psi @ 5GPM (248bar @ 18.9LPM).
  • Eco-friendly, chemical-free – only heat and water are needed to perform deep impact cleaning.
  • Environmentally friendly technology helps in EPA compliance.
                • The dirt, heavy buildup, and surface stains are removed without damaging the surface with one pass.

The results are a cleaner concrete surface that is ready for immediate use.

Trained concrete professionals should check pervious concrete annually to ensure pavement and stormwater runoff are functioning correctly.

To discuss pervious concrete maintenance or annual porous concrete surface cleaning, contact Z Con specialist today at 410-489-5494 or email us using our contact form.